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Anyone notice how Apple has taken over so much of our electronics. I have got to say, I love the brand. If I could, I would have everything Apple. But living in a Windows friendly world its very uncomfortable to have one. With everyone loving Windows because it is all around us, not everyone is happy when you say, "I'm going to get a MacBook !".

Yesterday was the release of the much anticipated iPad. I honestly, do not have much interest in it. If I had the money to get I would, though. However, it's something I don't need. The price of this new product is ridiculous. To buy the iPad the starting price is at $499. However, with data plans being added by the end of the month, the people who buy this will have to pay even more for this luxury. The data plans are very costly. With the lowest at $130, and the most expensive at $829. In my opinion this is too much if you consider all the other things you pay for.

Mac, finds so many ways to make their money. I do give them that they don't have as many problems as Windows does. I also think they make incredible products. I'm such a huge Apple fan, but I just think their prices are just too high. I've wanted so many of their products. But me, I'll be holding on to my iPod Video for now.

Here is my Apple Wishlist (not in order):

  • MacBook - Probably one of my top choices for laptops. I'll probably be getting one this year or the next. I still need to do my research on whether this laptop is what I'm looking for. This is another item that is very pricey, with lowest at $999 and the highest at $1499.

  • iPhone - It seems that everyone has one of these, or wants one that looks like this. There are so many phones these days that are touch screen that are competing with this product. Yet, I only find this one appealing. I don't like having imitations of things and if its only going to cost $100 more to buy this, then might as well invest in something that's going to be better. The price of these phones are actually not that bad. The lowest is $99, highest is $299. This is also, without the phone plans. So you're going to spend even more on it(like every other Apple product). P.s. - Did you know Sprint and Verizon might soon sell these phones?

  • iPad - Of course. What would my list be without the new Apple craze? Yes, I do want one of these huge iTouch looking devices. As ridiculous as their prices (and size) might be, I'm actually interested in one of these, babies. However, I'm in no rush to get one.

As appealing as these products are too me, I don't need all of these items. In fact, I don't need any of these because I have a computer that works and a phone that makes calls. So unless any of the two fail me THEN, and only then, will I consider getting one of these. But until then I will admire them from a distance.

Let me know your opinion on Apple products, or your experience with any of them.:)

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