My Glamour Magazine Subscription

This past Christmas someone offered me a chance to pick a magazine that I wanted to be subscribed to. The person wasn't interested in any of the magazines, so they let me choose one instead. I was so excited as I haven't had a subscription to a magazine in about 8 years, and it wasn't even my subscription. Plus, it wasn't very girly either. Anyways, I had so many magazines to pick from, so I decided to pick Glamour Magazine since I read their website on a daily basis.

My first magazine came when I was in Vegas. It was a nice welcome back present. The first one I received was the December issue with Fergie on the front cover. I'm not a big fan of hers but I was still very excited to get that issue. It had a few coupons, which I didn't get to use because they expired on the day that I finally got around to reading it.

I don't know exactly when the magazines are suppose to arrive so when I received my February issue last week, I immediately knew something had happened in the order. I was missing my January issue with Reese Witherspoon on the front. Immediately I checked my new issue to see if there was customer service number or something. I went on the website and there is a link where you can report missing issues, by giving them the number of your subscription. On the website I was informed that they no longer had the issue so they were going to extend my subscription for an extra month.

A few days later, almost a week, I received my January magazine. I was
so happy, seeing as I didn't even expect on getting it. My boyfriend said that maybe it was going to come late and that I might just received it some other time. Maybe that was what happened, because I can't really tell if it's a new sent one or just my old one that came late.

Regardless I'm so happy I got it. I'm planning a few things based on the magazine, so hopefully that will be posted soon.

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