Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II: Look 8

I'm almost done with my goal of using all my shadows on the Book of Shadows, and I'm very proud of it. I must say it's a little hard to think of new looks, especially when I'm a very simple person when it comes to eyeshadow. Today I wanted to use most of the colors I have left and I think I did a pretty good job doing that. 

Also I want to point out that my photo quality has gone down a bit as I changed the setting it was on before so I'm experimenting now. I wish I had consistency with them, but what can I do? I also don't like how the flash washes the colors out, because they look really nice in person.

Anyways, this is another look that normally would not be something I would gravitate towards wearing.

  • I used Flipside on the lid
  • Gunmetal on the outer half of my eye
  • Perversion on the crease
  • Wing: L'oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner, Carbon Black
  • Zero from UD to tightline 
  • Primer: UD Original Primer Potion
  • Mascara:  L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Nail of the Week 11/28/11: Mistletoe

There is a story behind this beautiful color. I actually went into CVS to look for another Revlon color that I hopefully will find soon, but anyways.. I found this one. It' a lovely color that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. A green nail polish that's not too light is what I was looking for when I found this one and all the glitters are gorgeous. I think I actually bought it on Thanksgiving day, which means I've been waiting that long to wear this color! I really just wanted to wear it as soon as I got it.
I don't think I have any 'Top Speed' polishes, but it definitely dries really fast! This makes me want wear a lot fo dark clothes to make this look awesome.

Shown above: Revlon's Mistletoe - 2 coats

Update + Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II: Look 7

This look is actually from Tuesday of last week since I haven't had much time to post anything with Thanksgiving break going on. I had a very eventful week that I might talk about later. I took a lot of photos and I'm definitely going to post some here, and some cool ones on my Flickr too (which I need to update). I plan on blogging more than I ever have, so if I'm missing from blogging for a few days, don't worry. I'm here to stay and I don't have any plans to let anything come in between what I love! I really do enjoy this blog and it makes me happy to have this to vent my makeup frustration to. Hehe.

Well, on to the look.. I was very busy on Tuesday, so I was going for something simple and this gold look is what I came up with. 

  • Half Baked on the lids
  • Twice Baked on the crease
  • Winged liner look with L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner
  • Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes
  • Primer: UD Original Primer Potion

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II: Look 6

Today's look was actually made to go along with my... wait for it.. yep, red lips! This is a very unusual thing for me to wear on a normal day of school but I wanted to be bold. I had been meaning to try red lips for school since this is a time period where red lips can actually be okay to wear. However, I must say it was a little messy. I figured out that by blotting it right after you wear it makes the color stay all day and not really move around (which was I was the most scared about.) Everything turned out fine, and it makes me want to try more lipstick looks too. I couldn't really wear lipstick during high school for a reason that I own't get into, but now I can totally do it! I love lipstick and it makes me happy, so why not? :)

It was a very simply makeup look that looked gorgeous and I got a few compliments on it today!

  • Nylon on the lids
  • YDK on the crease
  • Brown Liquif eye liner by Milani on lower lash line
  • Wing: L'oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner, Carbon Black
  •  Primer: UD Primer Potion
  • Mascara:  L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought it was a good time to go back and use Polyvore to create some cute looks for the holiday. If you don't celebrate it, its okay as this works for any occasions that calls for looking cute!

Idea #1
For this look below this dark brown dress is very appropriate for Thanksgiving and Fall. The dark colors make it really complimentary with all the leaf colors that are in this season. The goldish glittery nail is a must for me, as you already know. The shoes are black, but all these dark colors with leggings look really nice and warm.

Idea #2
As for this look, I wanted to make something a bit different. It's still something very trendy, as stripes and these orange color are very in for the season too. This look would be for someone who likes to look a little different and not the usual dress and classic look. Adding a belt to this look would also make it more formal and put together, so that's another option too!

Nail of the Week 11/19/11: Shim-merry Chic

Yes, this week I'm wearing another gold nail polish. I can't help it! This the closest I got to bronze which is a color I wanted to wear for Thanksgiving, which is this coming week. I have worn this color recently, actually. As beautiful as it is, it's really hard to get the glitter pieces off your nails. I still had some from about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I need a stronger nail polish remover just for this polish.
The color as you can see is gorgeous, it has pieces of oddly shaped glitter which is really different, and reminds me of Facets of Fuchsia from Revlon that I really want! 
If you're interested in this I'm sure you can get it somewhere. I got it during OPI's holiday collection a few years ago.

Shown above: OPI Shim-merry Chic - 2 coats

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II: Look 5

Again, these looks are not ones I would normally wear on a school day especially on days that i have to work, but they are starting to grow on me. Keep in mind that they are darker in person as when I take the photo the flash takes a lot of the color intensity. I tried to pack on a lot of the mushroom color so it would show up but I promise you it was dark. 

  • Mushroom on the lid
  • Twice Baked on the crease and bottom lash line
  • Zero from UD as eyeliner
  •  Primer: UD Sin Primer Potion
  • Mascara:  L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II: Look 4

This series is getting a little too fun for me. I'm trying all these looks that I otherwise wouldnt wear and I'm enjoying them. I always heard blue made brown eyes stand out, just like brown makes blue eyes pop, and purple makes green eyes pop, because they are opposite in the color wheel. I never liked the idea of blue on my lids though - didn't think it was for me. After today, I've changed my mind. The blue just looked gorgeous.

  • On the lid I used Jinx
  • Blended it with Misdemeanor
  • Shaded crease with Twice Baked and a little on bottom part of eye
  • Zero liner from UD was used to tighline and in the bottom waterline.
  • Covergirl's Blue Boom from the Liquiline Blast collection on the upper lash line
  •  Primer: UD Sin Primer Potion
  • Mascara:  L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II: Look 3

Today's look was a very colorful one that I would normally not wear out. I usually wear neutrals or just very light colors. But this actually made my day. I had a very interesting day(in a bad way) that somehow got better every time I saw these colorful colors. I don't usually wear them mainly because I don't think I can pair them up together very nicely. But I think I did a pretty good job and it makes me want to try more colorful looks. I think it looks very tropical and cheerful which is probably the reason why it made me happy to look at it.

This look actually involved a lot of things and you will see by the list. I had to do that so it would look like a nice flow of colors instead of just two colors on your lid.

  • Started with a bit of Homegrown from the middle to almost inner lid.
  • Ecstacy was in the other half and on the bottom eye.
  • AC/DC was used to blend the previous color around the crease.
  • Sellout was used to blend and clean up the dark colors, so it was placed above the crease.
  • Zero liner from UD was used to tighline and in the bottom waterline.
  • Rimmel's Jungle Green Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil was placed along the upper lashline.
  • Rimmel's Purple Shock Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in the bottom lashline.
  • NYC City Mono Eye Shadows in the color 5th Avenue, in the inner corner of the lid.
  • Mascara:  L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes 

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II: Look 2

So today's look is actually a bit of a fail on my part. I actually should start taking these photos earlier on the day because by the time I took these photos my shadows had creased. Now, the interesting part is that I was wearing my new Sin Primer Potion from UD. As upsetting for me as this is, Sin has definitely creased on me on both occasions that I've used it. I have to say the normal Primer Potion has nnever creased on me as far as I can remember. You don't see much creasing in this as I rubbed it a little so it didn't look so gross; but I'm definitely disappointed. However, I will give it some more time to see if maybe I'm using it the wrong way or something, because I really want to like it. It's a beautiful color!

I also must say I need more lights when I get ready. It's really annoying to put shadows on with just a night table lamp. I don't usuallly turn on the light because my roommate is sleeping (I live in a college dorm), so it kind of sucks. As a result of this a lot of the color gets applied a bit messy.
As for this look I was trying to use some of the teal looking colors with brown. I love those blues and greens in the pallete and I've been trying to find wearable ways to use them. Since this photo is in the afternoon the color doesn't show up as it is. Oh well let this be a lesson to take the photos in the morning! Haha.

I personally loved this combination and I will remake it to show you guys better what it looks like. I thought my brown eyes looked very nice with this.

  • I used Misdemeanor on the lid
  • Twice Baked on the Crease (as well as a brown from the Color Explosion by Maybelline in 05 Caffeine Rush)
  • Inner corner I used the lightest color of that Caffeine Rush 
  • Lined eye inside and upper lid with Zero from UD
  • Mascara:  L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II: Look 1

Since I got my Urban Decay stuff in the mail, I've been very interested in using all my makeup more. I have the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II from 2009, and I decided that I should use them more often since I've had for two years now and the shadows still look brand new. I thought trying a new look with them everyday would be a fun idea to try to use all the shadows. 

Today's look is a very light pink look that I did because I wanted to use my new Sin Primer Potion from UD. 

  • I used Sphynx on my lid, and a bit of that on the bottom part of my eye
  • Put some of YDK on my crease
  • Black liner(Zero 24/7 Glide-On Pencil from UD) to tighline my eyes
  • Brown liner (Brown from Milani's Liquif Eye) on the lower waterline and lash area (Bourbon 24/7 Glide-On Pencil from UD)
  • The mascara I used was L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Urban Decay Haul

One of the many packages I got this week was from Urban Decay. I was on Facebook last weeknd when I noticed an advertisement for a sale that UD was having. I went to see if anything I liked was on sale or affordable, and sure enough I found some stuff.

The sale was for 20% off when you used a code. I got two primers as well as a free lipgloss with my purchase.

The two primers I got were the Original Primer Potion and the Sin one. The name of the free lipgloss was Wallflower.

I'll do a review on these when I start to use them more often. I obviously like the Original Primer Potion as this is my first full size I've bought. I had a mini one that came with my "Book of Shadows Vol II", and it has lasted me for about 2 years. It never makes my shadows crease and I was running out of it since I've been using it daily since I got to college. I can't wait to try the Sin and let you guys know what I think of it!

Nail of the Week 11/12/11: Shield

This nail polish is one that I enjoy very much. I have a few golds but this one is a very light color that still looks wearable. It's a little messy to take off because the gold is actually glitter, but other than that it's really beautiful.

Shown above: Wet N' Wild's Shield - 2 coats

Forget Tumblr!

I've never been a fan of Tumblr. I don't have anything agaisnt it, I mean what's not to like? You go to pages and find cool photos! But this week I found something new called Pinterest. I have been obsessing over this website for the past couple of days. I have found so many cute ideas for fashion and beauty, but also some laughs. To make this simple, this website is Tumblr but it seems to be targeted to a different audience and you can tell just by visiting the website. Not only this but you have to be invited to be able to post so it seems to be a little more exclusive and I love that about it. :) I made my account today since my invite came in yesterday :)

You guys should check it out.


So I haven't posted anything on here since I started school. Yes, the blog title is correct, and I am attending college. I'm also very far away from home. I miss writing on here and I wish to start again. Maybe start with some stuff that I've ordered and maybe do some LOTD(Look of the Day) since I've always wanted to keep a record of my makeup. Also, I've been very consistent with doing my nails so maybe I could share that too. I'll post again soon! In the meantime I'll leave ya guys with a video I made of the first snow storm of the season.

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