Nail of the Week 11/28/11: Mistletoe

There is a story behind this beautiful color. I actually went into CVS to look for another Revlon color that I hopefully will find soon, but anyways.. I found this one. It' a lovely color that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. A green nail polish that's not too light is what I was looking for when I found this one and all the glitters are gorgeous. I think I actually bought it on Thanksgiving day, which means I've been waiting that long to wear this color! I really just wanted to wear it as soon as I got it.
I don't think I have any 'Top Speed' polishes, but it definitely dries really fast! This makes me want wear a lot fo dark clothes to make this look awesome.

Shown above: Revlon's Mistletoe - 2 coats
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