Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II: Look 2

So today's look is actually a bit of a fail on my part. I actually should start taking these photos earlier on the day because by the time I took these photos my shadows had creased. Now, the interesting part is that I was wearing my new Sin Primer Potion from UD. As upsetting for me as this is, Sin has definitely creased on me on both occasions that I've used it. I have to say the normal Primer Potion has nnever creased on me as far as I can remember. You don't see much creasing in this as I rubbed it a little so it didn't look so gross; but I'm definitely disappointed. However, I will give it some more time to see if maybe I'm using it the wrong way or something, because I really want to like it. It's a beautiful color!

I also must say I need more lights when I get ready. It's really annoying to put shadows on with just a night table lamp. I don't usuallly turn on the light because my roommate is sleeping (I live in a college dorm), so it kind of sucks. As a result of this a lot of the color gets applied a bit messy.
As for this look I was trying to use some of the teal looking colors with brown. I love those blues and greens in the pallete and I've been trying to find wearable ways to use them. Since this photo is in the afternoon the color doesn't show up as it is. Oh well let this be a lesson to take the photos in the morning! Haha.

I personally loved this combination and I will remake it to show you guys better what it looks like. I thought my brown eyes looked very nice with this.

  • I used Misdemeanor on the lid
  • Twice Baked on the Crease (as well as a brown from the Color Explosion by Maybelline in 05 Caffeine Rush)
  • Inner corner I used the lightest color of that Caffeine Rush 
  • Lined eye inside and upper lid with Zero from UD
  • Mascara:  L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

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