Urban Decay Haul

One of the many packages I got this week was from Urban Decay. I was on Facebook last weeknd when I noticed an advertisement for a sale that UD was having. I went to see if anything I liked was on sale or affordable, and sure enough I found some stuff.

The sale was for 20% off when you used a code. I got two primers as well as a free lipgloss with my purchase.

The two primers I got were the Original Primer Potion and the Sin one. The name of the free lipgloss was Wallflower.

I'll do a review on these when I start to use them more often. I obviously like the Original Primer Potion as this is my first full size I've bought. I had a mini one that came with my "Book of Shadows Vol II", and it has lasted me for about 2 years. It never makes my shadows crease and I was running out of it since I've been using it daily since I got to college. I can't wait to try the Sin and let you guys know what I think of it!
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