Birchbox: Great Gift Idea for a Friend

I know I haven't posted since Friday and that post didn't even count as anything interesting. But I haven't been too inspired lately with so much going on. I might not post that much this week since I have finals and other stuff going on. I'll try my best to squeeze a few posts here and there.

Today's post is inspired by an idea my best friend brought up. She said she wanted to subscribe to Birchbox, and the funny thing is that I do too. I have wanted to sign up for a while now and now I think would be a great time. I would share it will all of you and that should be fun!

For those of you who don't know what Birchbox is, it's a subscription service that you pay $10 for every month and they send you deluxe samples of products. They also have an online store on their website that you can buy the full size products if you like the samples they send you in the box.

I have heard about this for a year now and I have always wanted to try. Next year might be the year for this. My friend brought up the idea to get each other subscriptions to Birchbox. Technically you're paying for yourself, but not really. ;)

This is a cute idea to get you and your friends to try it out! They have affordable options for gifts. You can gift it for 3 months at $30, 6 months for $60, or a year for $110, which means you get one month for free! 

I'm definitely going to take this opportunity to start using Birchbox :D I hope everyone that hasn't tried it does, so we can share what we get!

Gift Birchbox today!

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