Inspiring Christmas Decoration Videos

During this time of the year everyone seems to be decorating something. Whether it be Christmas trees, or just wrapping a gift(yes, that counts too!). We're all busy trying to make something else look especially cheerful. Since I live in a dorm I haven't really bothered decorating much in my room, especially because it has been a tad hectic back there(I'll blog about that later). However, when I go back to the dorms I want to decorate my side a bit nicer and make it homier. Until then, I keep getting ideas and a lot of them are from Christmas videos I've watched. This post is mainly to just show my favorite ones so far. I hope you guys get some ideas, and if you any videos you think I might like link them or send me a message with them! :)

Kandee Johnson,
or kandeejohnson as she is known in YouTube is a makeup artist and her house is just beautiful. She gives very detailed ways on how she makes her house look so jolly. She might post some videos later on showing how to make certain things, and if she does that I will share them with you guys! I'm sure everyone will get some ideas from this even if you don't like how she decorates.

or missglamarozzi (or thegridmonster which is her vlog channel), is probably my favorite person on YouTube. She recently got an apartment and has been blogging all through Christmas about her journey with that. I specially enjoyed her video on how she decorated her Christmas tree, which is absolutely adorable!

or allthatglitters21(or ellesglittergossip which is her vlog channel) is one of the first people i watched on YouTube back in 2009. Although she isn't my favorite anymore, she puts up good videos here and there. Her ways of decorating are a bit different from my taste, but I think some people would enjoy it!

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