Katy Perry Changed Her Hair!

Yep, once again Katy has changed her hair and guess what! I don't completely hate it! I must admit I haven't been a fan of her recent changes to her hair. At first it was fine. Sure, change your hair from black, which is what everyone knows you by, and sure, change it to pink because you can. But just because you can change your hair doesn't mean you have to. I am a huge fan of hers and I was also a fan of her dark hair, but she is a celebrity and what we know about celebrities is that they like attention and they like to cause craziness. She is no exception. She has caused so much attention with her different color changes since early summer, that actually haven't been so focused on her like I usually am.
Katy back in the day.

However, today when I saw her hair, my reaction this time was not a negative one and in fact a very pleased one. A lot of you might know this but this is actually a very similar look to what he use to have before she was a popstar. I have always loved her hair back then and in fact when she started changing her hair in the summer, I thought that was what she was going to do. But she didn't, and a whole mess of pink shades started appearing on her head. It really disappointed me, but I still loved her.

This is probably not the last of her changes, but I definitely am content right now. :)

(Photos were borrowed from the Katy Perry Fan Page)
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