A Little Annoyed

On Sunday the 4th of December, I ordered some really cool stuff that I wanted to share with you guys from Sephora. Today is the 13th, 10 days later, and that package is still not here. This is the first time any package from Sephora has taken this long. Other purchases take less than a week to get to my school, but I think something might have gone wrong. This is what it's appearing on the USPS website when I check for the package:

C'mon.. how long does it take to sort? This hadn't bothered me before because some packages sometimes take a while to be delivered, but the fact that I have received a package from Sephora before in less than a week annoys me a little. I also leave from my college on Sunday so I want to have my stuff before I leave. It should not be this difficult to send something from Maryland to Massachusetts. Why does it need to go down to North Carolina? Based on Google, others have had this problem too, so maybe I will still get it.

Until I receive that package I won't be happy. :( You guys will love what I got for myself and I can't even share it yet! Lets hope it gets here in time so I can take the stuff with me during Winter Break, blog about it and do some cool stuff with it. Hint hint ;)

I hope everyone is having a great week, and good luck to anyone like me with finals! 
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