My Acne Story + Meet DiamondsAndHeels14 :)

A lot of you don't know, and mainly because I haven't spoken about skin or my skin in particular, that I've  had acne since probably mid elementary years. Like others, it starts with one and it slowly covers your face until there is not much you can do about it. For some, acne is caused because of bad hygiene and for others it is based on genetics. For me genetics has a big say in it. From my mom's side a lot of people suffer from this and as did I growing up. I tried so many medications and wasted so much money to get results that never made me happy.

It was in high school though, when great things happened to my face and I honestly can't really tell you what made it stop, but I can tell you what I changed during that time. In that time I was with my ex boyfriend and it was probably late sophomore year when I started having an interest in makeup. Having worn makeup before with the acne, I knew those things didn't mix. However, that summer going to my junior year, I found YouTube and its beauty community. I watched simple girls explaining how to do different looks and I immediately got sucked in. I started buying a few things here and there, and next thign you know I have my own mini collection of different types of makeup.

So, what does this have to with my acne? Well, I knew that if I wore makeup my face had to be really clean for it to look nice, and I began to find ways to make the skin clean. In combination with a clean face my makeup looked pretty okay for a while, and then as I started that junior year of high school I began to see a difference on my skin. I was very careful with what I used - mainly non-comodogenic products, so they won't clog up my pores. I wore makeup because I had always liked it but never thought I could pull it off. I use to paint when I was smaller and I was good at it, and makeup brought back that skill of mine and things just started getting from there.

Today, this whole story came to my mind as I watched something on Good Morning America's website, and I had to share this with you guys. About two weeks ago, I found a girl on the homepage of YouTube that caught my attention. The photo of the video was a before and after shot of a girl who had acne and by the end of the video her skin was flawless. I clicked on it because I never thought someone was so courageous as to put their acne on the internet. But she did. Cassandra, or DiamondsAndHeels14 is a model and suffers from acne. She learned that acne shouldn't stop her from doing what she loves and since makeup artists didn't know how to cover acne, she learned herself. Now, everyone praises her for putting herself online and showing other girls and boys that it's okay to have acne, and that it is not an obstacle.

Now, she is everywhere like in Good Morning America to share her tips, her beliefs that everyone is beautiful, and to say that everyone is beautiful. Now, back to the ex boyfriend thing I mentioned. If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have the guts to do a lot of things these days. He always found me beautiful even when I was really ashamed of my acne, and I think (just like Cass says)inner beautiful is more important than outer beauty. Yes, makeup hides these flaws but these days I'm confident enough to walk out in public without makeup and still feel beautiful. Makeup has become a part of me, but one that helps me express my creative side. This is probably something I haven't been able to explain to many people. Just because some days I want to wear makeup doesn't mean I'm not comfortable with myself. Because I know now outer beautiful isn't all in life.

This is mainly why I started this blog, I wanted to share my love for makeup and all things cute :) because I know there are so many people out there that feel like I did at one point in my life and I want to show them that people will love them with makeup or no makeup.

Wanna check out Cass? Here is her:

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