Sorry About That

Watching a movie
on the back of a
seat on the plane.
I'm a horrible person! Nah, haha. But I feel terrible that I haven't been putting up blogs like I have said I was going to and that's because I just needed some time to relax. Like I said on the last post, finals are done and I'm back in Miami. I got back on Sunday night. My flight was for that afternoon. The flight was great, and I really recommend flying with JetBlue. I honestly think that was the best flying experience I've had. The flight attendants were so nice and they went around asking everyone what they wanted to drink individually, wrote it down, and brought it to us. They had so many goodies to pick from to eat, and I have some Popcorners which I had never had before. I thought they were popcorn because that's what I heard on the speaker. But i didn't complain when I saw them. They are very unusual and have a great taste. Also, the plane had individual screens for the seats. Usually I've seen some placed on the ceiling of the plane and you can barely see the movie or show. I loved that each of us had one and it had Direct Tv and XM radio. I had planned on watching movies I had on my computer but since I had this I didn't find a need to get my laptop. It also helped that I sat next to a little girl(because I was on the aisle seat). I was just there to help her out since her mom wasn't sitting with her.

I honestly can't believe I'm home; it seems very surreal. It felt like I was in a strange land, but I'm slowly getting used to the lifestyle here. I'm sure I'll miss it when I leave, like I'm missing school right now. I'm planning on blogging everyday so look for all the posts I want to show you guys! :)
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