Coldplay is one of my favorite bands and this week I was just going to make a post one of their songs but after a lot of thinking I decided just to make a post on a few of my favorite songs from them at the moment. They have a new album called Mylo Xyloto which is a bit different from their other stuff but still very good. It's just a matter of giving the music a shot. I picked to feature this band because it came up right before New Years on a tv show that was at the place I was celebrating the night. I thought it was a nice way to start the year with the same thing I ended.

Paradise - Coldplay,
I really like this song and it has grown on me. The video is a bit weird but that too has grown on me. Coldplay is so talented and I know this album will be as successful as their previous ones. 

Yellow - Coldplay,
is probably my favorite song from them. I don't remember why I started liking this song because it was a long time ago. However, everything I hear it makes me happy and calm. It brings me back to very happy times when this music went perfectly with my life.

Princess of China - Coldplay,
is the song that stood out to me right out bat from their new album. I love how Rihanna is in it and how her voice makes this song so beautiful. It usually gives me goosebumps.

I know this blog is mainly beauty but I thought adding the music series every week would be a change to the beauty stuff. I hope some of you enjoy it and share the same taste as me. :)
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