I met Michelle Phan!

Guess who I just met?! Yep! Michelle Phan was at a local mall in Miami tonight and I just went there to meet her at the Sephora.
I heard from a video of her's that she was doing three meet-n-greets (NY, Miami, LA) and when I heard it was going to be somewhere close to me I immediately made plans to go and see her! After I made the plans, I decided I wasn't going to go just to see her. But once I was there and I saw how small the line was to meet her I decided to go ahead with it. It's always nice to meet someone from YouTube and she's definitely the most popular Beauty person so I felt pretty happy standing next to her. I've been a fan of her's for years now, and it's surreal to stand next to someone you just look at in videos. She's really small though because she was wearing some pretty tall heels that were a couple of inches tall(for size reference I'm 5'4ish)!

She's not the first YouTube person I've met. In September I met Julia, or MissChievous, when I went down to New York for the September 11 weekend. How lucky of me!

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