Looking for new exercises?

In the past couple of months I have been more motivated to exercise than I probably have been all my life. I had a personal goal, and not in weight or anything specific, just in the way I felt and saw my body. Since I am a college student currently living on campus and allowed to eat at a buffet for all my three meals, I was noticing a bad habit with what I was eating and decided it was time for a change. I looked online for exercises for the specific body part I wanted to work out, did those and changed the way I was eating. Stressing myself out with too many exercises is not my style. I want to be somewhat fit, not overly toned or anorexic skinny by starving myself. I know my limits.

But this isn't what I'm here to mention. I came upon a website, not too long ago, that is very valuable to me. It lets you pick a specific part of your body and then it shows you exercises for toning that up. I thought this is really cool and would help out people that aren't necessarily in an exercise routine but are just looking for new ways to work out. Granted, these are very beginner style exercises, but maybe you haven't heard of some. ;)

This is how the page looks. Click on the photo to be directed to the actual page.

Hope some of you found this useful! Enjoy!
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