Last night I finally finished watching all six seasons of Lost. If any of you know the show you know it's very addicting and since I started the first season I couldn't stop watching it. I started sometime in the beginning of October because our school had a fall recess and since I live so far from home I stayed in the dorm during that time. A nice way to pass time, I decided, was watching shows I liked or movies. I went to my school's library and checked out some movies and while doing that I saw they had a lot of show collections. While skimming the list Lost popped up and I have no idea what I based my decision off of, but I decided to start watching from the beginning.

The show is based on a group of people landing on an island and from there they encounter all sorts of unusual and mysterious events. Of course what makes this show great is the fact that your questions are never answered and they always leave you wanting more. However, how bad is it that you start something by knowing the ending? Ya know, like reading the last page of a book before starting. Well, that's what happened to me. When the Finale of the show was premiering back in 2010 I tuned in like all the fans. Thing is, I wasn't a fan. A lot of my friends were going to watch it and I'm pretty sure I was talking to a guy I liked back then and it made me want to tune it so we had something in common(I know, bad way to start off any relationship haha - just be yourself people!). But I couldn't help it. I watched it. 

Good thing is that since I had no idea what I was watching it never really sunk in. Only when watching the ending last night were my memories of that day suddenly coming back. I remembered all from that episode and it was the weirdest experience waiting for things to happen.

Enough of that. I really enjoyed the show and I would recommend it to anyone. I thought it was going to take me forever to finish it but one day I really got hooked. Once you get passed the dragging beginning of them figuring out what to do, it starts to get interesting. I'm pretty sure I can say this has been my favorite show of all time. It's the first time I have ever done this (by this I mean wasting all my weekends and free time squeezing episodes in 121 episodes) with any show and I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I ended up liking it. 

Call me crazy but I think I'm going to start the season again because I'm sure everything will make sense if I do that. I can't explain how well written this show is and there is no disappointments with the plots. Eventually everything is pretty much explained and all it takes is some good thinking to put the pieces together. 

If anyone is interested and has seen the last episode, here is an explanation of the last episode of the show explained by one of the writers of the show. If not don't bother, because it will spoil everything for you! 

On a funny note, here is a video from that site on a "How It Should Have Ended" parody.

So has anyone ever watched LOST, or wants to?

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