Surprise! Sephora Haul

I've had these pics ready since before I left school but I haven't really found the time to post them up. Like everyone saw in my wishlist, I really wanted the Naked pallete and before I wrote that I had ordered it the previous weekend as a Christmas gift to myself. If anyone has ever wanted this pallete you can imagine how upset I was when tracking my package it said it was somewhere it wasn't, hence the annoyed post of my package taking forever to arrive. That same day, maybe about an hour or two after posting that, it said it had been scanned in my city. I was so happy that it finally made it, and picked it up a few days later! :) I waited forever to open it because I had finals and other stuff, and I really wanted to enjoy opening it. 
The only reason I made this purchase is because Sephora sent me a $15 giftcard on any order over $50. Obviously this is an amazing offer, so I took advantage of it. Aside from the Naked pallete, I ordered a Benefit Sephora Exclusive which brought some mini primers from the brand. Also, right before I order anything from websites I always look for coupon codes, and I found a great one that included a clutch with 12 samples. It was either a Hello Kitty clutch or another colorful one, and I picked th HK one because I thought it was cuter. Aside from this I got the 3 free samples which I just picked some perfumes. 

I will obviously do reviews on these eventually once I've had enough time with them. I plan on doing a series with the Naked pallete like I did with the Book of Shadows. 
Naked Pallete - $48
Benfit One Prime Day - $10

Sample Hello Kitty Clutch - Especially by Ecada -Flora by Gucci - Vanitas by Versace

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