Nail of the Week 3/27/12

Hi! Long time no talk! 
This week's nail is actually from the March Birchbox. I received it and thought it was so beautiful from the second I saw it. I don't usually wear colors like this but I had to try it. It's nice of Birchbox to give colors that are great for Spring and that we wouldn't normally wear either. I have colors like this but never ever wear them. Like a lot of bright color nail polish I wear to give them a shot, and this was no different. I hoped that I would eventually get used to the bright color and in the past week, I have grown to love it and would recommend it to everyone. I have gotten so many compliments on it! 

Fun Fact: I didn't know the name of the color til right now, and it turns out to be called "Age of Aquarius" and I'm an Aquarius! Heh. Pretty cool! :)

So, yeah I think Birchbox did a great job sending this color my way. FYI I didn't select the TeenVogue box, so this one came in the normal monthly one.

Hope everyone is doing great! Make sure to follow me on Twitter so we can keep up on there. :)

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