April Birchbox 2012

I literally just received this and I had to grab my camera to share it with you all! I'm so excited about this box, and I must say I've been pleasantly happy with the past few boxes I've received. Sure, not all of it is great, but for ten dollars there must be something in there that is worth it!

This month's box is called the Natural Wonders box, and it's meant to be fun Spring products that will motivate into being pro activate with our senses and our bodies.
Read the cards below for the actual description (:
(click them to make bigger!)

I was so happy to see the things in this box, and although a few our new they same pretty awesome! 

MicrodermaMitt | Body Mitt (Beauty Extra of the Box): This is suppose to be an all-natural silk mitt that you would use to exfoliate your body. I saw a video online to see how this works, and apparently you don't need any other products. Just wet the mitt and exfoliate, and then you're suppose to see how the mitt removes dead skin right away. 

I really think this will be so great! Will let you know my thoughts when I have used it more. 
Full-size: $28.50

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift: I'm pretty excited about this. I haven't smelled this yet but I have a feeling it's going to be a fruity. According to what I've heard it has vanilla, raspberry, peach, freesia and a few more fruits and flowers. I love getting samples because I love perfumes and I've recently found some really great perfumes from samples!

Full-size: $49.50 - $59.50

Yu-Be | Moisturizing Skin Cream: This is a Japanese cream that supposedly heals cracked hands, chapped lips, and all other forms of dryness. By the description this is will be very useful for me. Up here it has been so cold and I've been noticing my skin feels dries all the time and of course I have chapped lips! Can't wait to try this!

Full-size: $16

Marula The Leakey Collection | Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil: This is suppose to be an oil that is used to fight premature aging. C'mon, nuff' said. I love this already ;)

Full-size: $78

 tarte | LipSurgence lip tint: Best for last of course. I'm sooo excited for this! I have never used taste products and in last month's TeenVogue Birchbox they included one of these and I was so sad I didn't sign up for that box. But of course, Birchbox knows what I love and this month they sent me one in Peaceful. I have yet to try them because I want to do a full review on it, but so far it smells so delicious! :D

Full-size: $24

Overall I'm sure you can tell I'm content with this month's box. So look out for reviews of some of these! 

Did any of you get any of the stuff that I received? If not, what did you like from yours? :)

Hope you have a great day! ❤

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