April Glam Bag 2012

Yep, back-to-back happiness for me! I received this in the mail TODAY! I was very happy with everything I got in my April Glam Bag. As you can see above there many exciting things on here! My reaction to this was very funny since I kept digging in there to see if that was it. As if getting an Urban Decay pencil, lashes, a lip treatment and makeup brushes wasn't enough! Hahah. But honestly, I blame Glam Bag, they have completely spoiled me every month.

The theme for this bag was Girl's Night Out. 
To read more on it check out the cards below.
(click on them to make bigger!)

All-Belle Lashes 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Radium

Lip Quench-Moisture Infused Lip Treatment

My Glam Eyeshadow and (TWO) Eyeliner Brush

 My thoughts:
Aside from the fact that these are some awesome things, I love that they included things we will actually use. I could easily use all 5 of these things when I'm doing my makeup. I think the lashes are such a great idea. Although these kind are not for everyone at least it gives people who haven't tried them a chance to practice. Haha. I'm a big fan of fake lashes and I can't wait to try these.

The blue Urban Decay pencil is easily my favorite thing from all. I am a big fan of the pencils and I love blue eyeliners. I always wanted this color from them, and I'm glad I didn't buy it.

That lip treatment is so great! I'm currently wearing it right now and it's so nice. It's not sticky at all and it feels really smooth on your lips.

As for the brushes, I hope someone noticed there was an extra on in the last photo ;) YEP! They sent me TWO eyeliner brushes. This little mistake made me so happy because I love trying new eyeliner brushes all the time. I hunt them down in every store I go into. So far these brushes have been great so I look forward to using these.

If you haven't subscribed to Glam Bag I really suggest you do! I love getting these sooo much(if you couldn't tell by the many times I've said it so far!).

Are you guys subscribed to GB? If you're not, what do you think of what I got?

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