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As a few of you might know, I'm currently living in a dorm at the school that I'm studying at as a Freshman. I thought it was a cool idea to post some photos and some background on them since a few of you might be going off to college in a few months. Right now, I'm living in one of the freshmen dorm from school. The building that I live in is quite new so a lot of dorms in other schools might not look like this. I've seen some dorms that look a lot better than mine, so I'm in no way saying mine is better or anything like that. I'm only talking about the quality of the furniture, cooling system, and size of the room.

Me and my roommate divided the room in half because this is what we thought worked for us. We enjoy our beds lofted because it's nice up there. I have to say I was so scared the first week or so to fall off, but I can honestly say I have never fallen or experienced anything like that.

I had another roommate in the first semester but we didn't really get along and we no longer share a room. The room was arranged a bit different. Here is a photo of it:
Sure it looks nice, but it just didn't work for me at the time. I didn't like how it felt like it was more my roommate's room than mine. I'm only showing it because we both thought it was a really cool way of arranging and our whole hall thought so too. But enough of that, if anyone is interested in a post about roommates I will gladly make one. For now let's move on to speaking about my current living situation.

If you haven't yet realized, my side is obviously the black and white side of the photos. That's what I decided to decorate the room with. To be honest sometimes I wish I had more color, but in the end I like it how it is because it's comfortable for me. Being a beauty blogger my biggest concern is to organize my makeup and beauty stuff. So this is what I have come up with:

 I have these drawers that hold all my makeup( I had to buy the top one this year because it was getting a little crowded on the bottom drawers). Brushes are in a black pencil cup from Target(link).I put my perfumes, lotions, and other bottles in that black container to the left of the photo. You can see how I organize my My Glam Bag and Birchbox stuff. I'm really proud of this little corner because it makes me feel really happy! I like how organize everything is and it's very easy to find stuff when I need it. Also, if you can tell, I have some jewelry hanging from under my bed. ;) Use that to your advantage.

You might have noticed I have quite a collection of the big drawers in my room and that's because that closet in the corner is not enough for me! It is quite small and for Massachusetts winters you need lots of layers to keep warm, so I have my coats in the closet and the rest of my stuff in drawers. I also keep food, hair irons, blowdryer, and other random stuff in the white drawers.

Here are my tips on what I suggest having to have a comfortable girly dorm space:

  • Buy Drawers - If you're like me, the space provided will not be enough!
  • Cushion for seat - My seat is very hard and without my cushion I would not last as long as I do when I start blogging or doing hw.
  • Colorful decorations - My old roommate was good with this one. She has a lot of things in pink. While pink is a little overwhelming, in a dorm rooms that feels like a jail cell sometimes, you need to have some life! 
  • Extension cords - There will not be enough outlets for your stuff. I guarantee it.
  • Lights/Lamps - I don't know about other dorms, but I only have one light in my ceiling and it's awkwardly placed. It's useful to have a lamp in case your roommate is going to sleep early, or you are for that matter. The white lights also add a touch of magic to the room. 
  • Fan - I have two fans because I always like to be a little cooler than normal. I love sleeping with my giant fan(which you can see in the first photo next to my printer). Also, some dorms have a temperature control for the whole building and sometimes it might be too cold or hot. We're lucky to have our own cooling system in our rooms, but for those room that don't have one, the fan is a must!
  • Bins/Containers - I use a lot of these to store lots of things. I put books, perfumes, medicines, and more in these. They have really cute ones at Target with patterns in all colors! I also use some office containers in my drawers from my desk to organize pencils, post-its and other school related stuff.
  • Mirror - Not sure if all dorms have mirrors, but mine has a little one by the door. As a girl I like to check my outfits and how they look so I long mirror is very important.
  • Plants - My roommate made a little pot with a plant at one of the activities in school, and I love how it adds life to the room! We keep it by the window, but don't forget to water it!
  • Command hooks - I love this these things! They are so handy and can be used for a variety of ways. I use it to hang bags inside my closet, and my towels behind the door. People use them around here for all sorts of things though.
  • Rug - The white one that it is in the middle of the room is one of our favorite areas of the room. We love to lay there when we're tired or just wanna sit in a comfy place. I suggest if you have a white one to put somewhere that will not be stepped on a lot because it will get dirty so fast! 
  • White Board - It's fun to have one of these around. You can write to-do lists, dates, or other little notes.
  • Desk Planner - I bought one at Target for $1 and it's so cute. I love writing down events and deadlines!
  • Photos - Bring as many as you want for your room. I have seen all sorts of decorations with them (from covering a whole wall [which is not my favorite way but people do it], to how my roommate has them). It looks nice and it always reminds you of home! 
This is all I can think of and if I remember more later I will add them on. I love living in a dorm and if you are going off to live in one, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it as well. We have a bigger room next semester so I will post photos on that too! Hope you enjoyed this and feel free to ask any questions! :)

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