Nail of the Day: 4/20/2012

If you follow me on Twitter you would have noticed I posted a very beautiful color on my nail last night. If you were wondering what is was, here it is: Teenage Dream by OPI. Uhuh! Straight from the Katy Perry OPI Collection. If you anything about me is that I love me some Katy and when this collection came out (and with the Crackle) I had to have it. Unfortunately I never got it... until December, when I found a mini set with all of them in. Imagine my excitement and of course I bought it. If you wanna see all the colors they are featured in my Miami Haul.

Looking at this particular color, I thought it was just a shimmery coat. But when I saw this color in this video I knew it was more than glitter. So a few days ago I packed on 3 coats of this baby, and Voila! This gorgeousness was born. The pictures don't do it justice. The way this color catches the sunlight is magical. I've decided this officially my favorite glitter color EVER!! :)

Have you guys tried this? Do you want it now? 
;) haha

Have a great weekend everyone!

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