Nail of the Week 4/6/2012

Two nail post in less than 24 hours!? Haha. I actually changed it as soon as I posted the one from yesterday because it wouldn't match the outfit I'm wearing for Easter. It's hard being a girl, ya know.

From all my colors this one matched the most, and although I'm staying in the blue and teal family, it doesn't mean I'm doing it on purpose. I swear! It just happens to work out. :)

This color is another one I'm giving a shot to. I've had for probably over a year or two and have never worn it. My mom bought this one and another blue color for me a while ago and they weren't colors I was thrilled to wear back then. She made this purchase because she knew I wanted a dark blue(which she bought, but it was a bit brighter than I was looking for).

I finally had an opportunity to wear this and since lately colors have been proving me wrong I said "why not?". Of course, like everything else, I'm loving how it looks and hopefully I can get some photos from Easter to show you how it goes with my dress! :)

Hope you guys have been enjoying my nail posts!

Nail Polish: Turquoise by L.A. Colors 

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