Real Techniques Brushes by Samantha Chapman

L to R : Pointed Foundation Brush - Contour Brush - Detailer Brush - Buffing Brush
L to R: Deluxe Crease Brush - Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush - Brow Brush - Base Shadow Brush - Accent Brush

L to R: Blush Brush - Stippling Brush
If you haven't heard of these brushes then let me introduce you to them. These brushes were created by Samantha Chapman from pixiwoo on YouTube. I heard about them through her because she uses them on her own videos most of the time. The color of the brushes themselves caught my attention and the fact that they look so fluffy also did. I wanted these for a long time because if she could easily apply her makeup with these and create beautiful looks, why couldn't I?

Back in December when I went back to Miami I decided I was going to go on a hunt for these. They sell them at Ulta and that's where I went. I went to multiple locations and called them when their stocks were coming in. Long story short I never ended up buying these in stores because they sell so fast!

I decided I was going to buy them especially on a day that the Ulta website was having some sort of sale back in January. I bought the Core Collection(orange) $18, Starter Kit(purple) $18, Stippling Brush(pink) $10, and Blush Brush(pink) $9. I chose these based on the brush that appealed to me. However they many more to choose from.

Now my thoughts. Well, from the Core Collection I'm in love with deluxe crease brush and I use that one for concealer. It's the best brush in this set in my opinion. My other favorite is the base shadow brush, which I use to blend eyeshadow. The Blush Brush is amazing and so soft - they all are!! I think these brushes are a great substitute if you can't afford to buy MAC or Sigma brushes all at once. They are above average quality and behave just as good as higher priced ones. My least favorite brushes from my the ones I own are the Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush  and Brow Brush. They aren't bad brushes but I think they should be a lot more steady with thickerbristles. They still work fine for their assigned tasks but I could definitely live without these two. The collection ones each come in a cool case, not the best quality but you can take them along with a few more in there! It also folds so you can sit the case up and place the brushes there while you do your makeup!

I can't wait to buy a few more from the new ones that have been added to the collection. :)

So how amazing do these brushes look? Would you get them? If you have them, what are your thoughts?

To check these brushes out visit the Real Techniques website or!

***There is a sale on these brushes in Ulta: Buy 1, Get 1 50% ***
(expires May 13th)

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