Missing Glasses

If you didn't know, I wear glasses, or should I say wore because if you read the title of this post I have lost them! I was never one for wearing glasses. I don't have the best vision, and without I'm not as blind as other people I've met; however in the past 24 hours I've felt like I am one of those people. The story behind me wearing glasses was that I got a pair when I was in first grade. Was never one for wearing them and had a few more pairs through the years that I barely wore either. It wasn't until my freshman year in high school that I realized I should wear them more often. Without my "eyes" I see pretty blurry. Never have I realized how attached to them I was until this weekend. As soon as I sit to do something my first instinct is to look for them and it's really sad feeling when they're not there. I will compare this to losing a friend or a lover. Yes, horrible example but that's how upset I am. I'm lucky I can at least see what I'm typing. 

I've changed the layout of my blog for this reason. I couldn't see a lot of the letters and now I can sympathize with anyone who couldn't read any of my posts either. I'm so very sorry! 

Speaking of layout I have some plans for the blog for this summer. I finish in just a handful of days and I'm so excited to have more time to work on the blog and some other projects I have been thinking of starting!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Sunday and if you have glasses at this moment I would like to say I'm extremely jealous! Haha.

Oh, and today is one of my favorite blogger's (Angie from Your BFF!) birthday! Go say Happy Birthday or just stop by her page.

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