Nail of the Day 4/27/2012 - White with Black Outline Nails

Revlon 001 Sheer Sugar - Jordana 501 Black Mark

I hope you can tell how awesome these nails are because from the first time I saw these I knew I had to try this. A while ago I saw a photo that looked something like this and instantly decided these were the most interesting nails I've seen. Yes, they are very simple but boy are they hard to do. I just finished making these and I can honestly say that the nails in that photo probably took a couple of tries to get right. Unless you were born with steady hands and nails that aren't round on the side then you will probably find it a bit stressful to do these. I had enough problems piling on white nail polish because the one I had is so sheer, but on top of that the line was very difficult. They honestly look better from the side because my nails do curve a lot and the only way you can see the black better from the top is if I do a thicker line. But that wouldn't look so great from the side.

However, aside from my problems I think they came out great for being the first time I tried these. I will experiment with a color that is not so sheer and make cool designs(hopefully).

If anyone wants a DIY on this I will gladly do one. I still have another DIY post I've been meaning to do for someone who requested it a while ago.

Do you like these at all? What are your thoughts on these?

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