Crying Over Bad Haircuts

Hi there, today I happen to come across an article that made me smile a lot. You're going to think I'm horrible when I tell you what it is, but let me explain why I smiled. The article that I read was this.

Apparently Cameron Diaz and I have something else in common, other than our ancestry. The article (if you didn't click it) said that she had gone to have a "quick trim" at a "female friend's house" and what she remembers about this was that "I burst into tears". 
source: Yahoo!
Oh, do I know this story well. A few of you might know this story because, well, I cried for so long about this and told all my close friends. Although hair is just that, hair, we as women have an emotional attachment to it. So before you start telling how superficial I am, I'm going to tell you me story.

During Spring Break back home in Miami, I randomly decided I needed a "quick trim". I have a relative that does hair and nails, so I decided that I wanted to go to her. My request was to cut the ends and give me some layers. Boy, did I get my request. She definitely cut my ends and I definitely got layers! It looked nice in the mirror but when I went to touch my hair and run my fingers through it, my eyes instantly got watery. As honest as I am, I couldn't get myself to tell the lady what a horrible job she had done. It was probably about 3-4 inches from touching my butt, just to give you an idea of how long it was. It spent a lot of time cutting my own ends to maintain it healthy so I was so disappointed when she cut off about 5 inches in length and the shortest layer was around my shoulder. I also had one straight layer going across my back and it was about 2 inches above my longest piece of hair. It was definitely not what I asked for and I when I left the house I screamed at my mom (she had gone with me to get her nails done) about the hair. She tried to make me feel better telling me it will grow out and that it wasn't like she meant to hurt my feelings. Obviously there was a misunderstanding just like in Cameron's case and now I'm stuck with a choppy haircut.

I honestly had not heard a story like this from a celebrity because they aren't usually open to showing a vulnerable side of them(especially not about bad haircuts). What made me smile though was the fact that I had no idea! I've seen her with the new haircut and thought she was so brave for doing that that it never occurred to me that it was mistake. She's usually a very strong woman and that she cried also made me smile. I'm a big fan of her for many reasons and I'm glad she came out about this.

I'm sure no one noticed I had a weird haircut in this post,
but you can tell how short that long straight layer is in this post.
Yep, that's not me with short hair, that's my layer that contains most of the hair.

So, that's my little story. In the end I've gotten used to my hair. It has grown significantly in the month and half that I've had it and it seems a little silly to have cried for so long about it.

Have you had a bad experience with haircuts? If not, would you have freaked out as much as we did?

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