Goodbye Freshman Year

WOO! I'm officially done with classes for my first year in college! I'm so glad classes are over because next week should be pretty good. I haven't finished with my finals yet. My last two aren't that bad, although I do need to study quite a lot for one of them. But aside from the tests, my week will consist of my job and packing. Since I don't live in Massachusetts I have to keep all my belongings in my school's storage and packing all my stuff is going to be a mission. All my stuff initially fit in the back of my step dad's car(which is quite small), but since moving in I've bought the drawers you saw in this post, and a relative gave me quite a lot of Winter stuff so now I have way more than I started with. As much as I love packing, I'm kinda dreading doing this one because I still don't have boxes to put everything in. 

But it will all work out and I will have everything packed. Then I will finally be back home, enjoying my Summer! I really can't wait for it. I have so many plans for different things I want to do. I'm getting a good feeling about everything!

Side note: HEAT are leading their current NBA Playoff series 3-0 against the Knicks. YEAH!

To show you my excitement, this is my awkward cat dance
 from last night when I was so tired! Enjoy! 
Yes, I'm embarrassing,
and yes, I'm moving my cat ears.

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