May Birchbox 2012 (Gossip Girl)

This month's box is the only one so far I've done all I can to get! I received it Friday but had been expecting it for four days. Since the day I received the confirmation of shipment from Birchbox I tracked it because I forgot to change it's address to my home one so I wanted to get it before I left my campus. I called the campus mail service and told them my story. Long story short, an hour or two before I left campus I get an email from the mail services that a package had arrived. I was so happy to get it in time, especially because I knew this month's box was inspired by Gossip Girl!

Yep! Our favorite show has been made in a Birchbox. I couldn't wait for this since I found out last month because I didn't know what products they would put in the box. But basically what the card in the box said is that these are products that were inspired by the show and its glamorous lifestyle.

Read the cards below for the actual description (:

(click them to make bigger!)

Algenist | Regenerative Anti-Aging Lotion: Another anti-aging lotion! I'm pretty sure I've received something like this in most if not all the boxes. Honestly, I'm not complaining. I like these products because I wouldn't normally spend any outrageous amount of money on anti-aging products so it's nice to just have some pretty good sized samples around.
Full size: $75

Kérastase | Age Premium Masque Substatif: Although both of these things are suppose to be for "mature" hair, it can still work on damaged hair (according to Birchbox). This one is suppose to be a hydrating hair mask and is also suppose to add shine to your hair! (this was an extra in the box)
Full size: $60

Kérastase | Age Premium Bain Substantif: This is suppose to be a shampoo for damaged hair. While I don't have damaged hair, I do iron my hair at least once or twice a week, so there must be so damage. I can't wait to try this.
Full size: $36

stila | sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner (in Rock Candy): So, Birchbox has done it again. Last month Tarte, this month stila. They have introduced me to another brand I've been meaning to try and they are full size! I have already tried this and boy do I love it! I have it on right now and since I have brown eyes it is gorgeous on me! It really is waterproof. I tried rubbing it off and it didn't go anywhere! (with water either).
Full size: $22

(More pics below)
with sunlight
without sunlight

Dior | Miss Dior Eau de Parfum: I was so happy when I saw this! I love getting samples of perfumes because I'm obsessed with trying all kinds. I had been meaning to try this one and I have to say it smells great! I tried it on when I got it and it lingers forever! I might get a whole bottle of this in the future. :)
Full size: $62-$102

Notecards: This was one of the extras of the box. It was a nice touch because it has to do with the whole idea of Gossip Girl. I will probably never use it, but it's pretty cute!
Set of 12: $12

Overall I was really happy with this box. Obviously what stood out to me was the liquid liner and the sample of perfume. However, I think it expresses the goal for this month. Good Job, Birchbox! :)

Did you guys get anything I got? Did you like your own box? If you're not subscribed to it, anything you would have loved to get?
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