Moonstruck - Revlon Nail Art French Mix

I used the left color.
If you haven't seen these Revlon nail polishes, you should definitely try them. I love how they bring two shades and although they are meant to be used together, I prefer to use them individually. They had so many shades that it was really hard to choose, so I only got  a few I liked and that I didn't have any repeats in my collection. I think these are great because you don't get a lot of product which is always good because we don't usually use the whole bottle anyways. This lilac product is so pretty, and shimmery. I'm not one that wears pastels but these colors look really pretty on my medium tone skin. I can't wait to try the lighter color of Moonstruck!

Here are the rest of the colors!

Have you guys tried these? Do they look like something you would?
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