My Trip Back Home To Miami

In the airport - yes, this is in the bathroom which is why the photo is cropped and blurry. To my left, a woman was changing her kid! lol I felt a tad weird taking this.
 Hi! :) I'm finally back home and it feels great! I really wanted to get away from the usual college life and the boring Spring weather back in Massachusetts. Although I did enjoy all the flowers blossoming, the weather was getting a bit annoying. It was so unpredictable like typical New England weather. I mean why is it still cold in May?!

Well getting here was quite a mission honestly. The crazy traveling day was Friday(May 11th). I had so many things left to do before I left campus so I was running around like a crazy lady. I had to pick up my Birchbox from my previous post, pick up my check, change my home address and finally finish packing! I personally love packing but packing a whole room and fitting it in boxes to fit in a room where space is limited was so difficult. I was so worried the whole time if everything was going to fit, and what if it didn't, where would my stuff go? However, during all this time I had a good friend helping me. He has been so great for the past month or so with everything I've needed. It's nice to have someone to count no matter what.

I finished storing my stuff around 11am. After checking out of my room with the Residence Hall staff, we left to the airport minutes later.

In the airport, it was another story. I had to take a box with me with some of my belongings so I didn't know if they were going to accept it. The box was fine though. Then, of course I found out my flight was delayed (like always). I had other personal issues to work out during my waiting time, but during this time I met a few interesting people that I basically spent all my time in the airport with. It has become a tradition that I meet strangers that have a lot in common with me in the airport.  My flight was actually great and I made another friend on the flight! Here are some photos made into a gif file, that I took to show all of you what I see leaving Connecticut and landing in Fort Lauderdale.

Taking off:


Hope everyone had a great weekend and late wishes to all the mothers out there on your special day! :)

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