OPI Amazing Spider-Man Collection

So I randomly felt like searching for new OPI collections and I found these! Aren't they awesome Fall colors? From the looks of it, I'm pretty much loving all of these except the Crackle one. However, if I had to pick I would only buy the white(My Boyfriend Scales Walls) and the greenish one (Just Spotted The Lizard!) because I love these shades. I have a very similar shade to the green one but it cost $1, so you can imagine the quality. I also wanted that white because I love white nail polishes! Plus I needed a good one because my Revlon one is almost done from me using it so much! I wish the Crackle one was a color itself without the effect, because it looks beautiful in the bottle.

Here are some photos from the blog The Polish Aholic :)
L to R (top): Call Me Gwen-ever ,  Shatter the Scales , Into the Night ,  Just Spotted The Lizard
(bottom): My Boyfriend Scales Walls , Number One Nemesis, Shatter The Scales ,  Your Web Or Mine  
What do you guys think? Liking any of these? 
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