Song Series: Wide Awake - Katy Perry

Teenage Dream Concert Summer 2011 with my friend Eric
Today's song is a very special one for many reasons. However, the main one is because it's by one of my favorite singers! I'm sure you have all heard of Katy Perry, and if you've followed my blog for a  few months you would probably know I'm completely obsessed with her. I've liked her music since she became famous. Since then my life has been filled with happy pop music. Hehe. :) I have always looked up to her for different reasons, whether it be makeup or fashion. I actually went to her concert  last Summer for her Teenage Dream Tour and it was one of the happiest days ever! It was an amazing  experience to see her in person.  The room was filled with pink and cotton candy smell. It was very "Katy Perry". I'm very proud of Katy and all her accomplishments from this album which is why I'm posting this song. She has broken multiple records for being so young and  her Teenage Dream had 5 #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 which no woman has ever done before. This album is her hard work that finally payed off. I've felt like I have been with her through all this, and seeing everything come together has been such a joy. I love her music and will always support her.  If you didnt know  she will have a movie out this Summer based on her life and this whole craziness with her album. She actually wrote a new song for her movie called "Wide Awake" and debuted it on the Billboard Awards this weekend. This is the song(enjoy!):  

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