Belle's Bargain Hunt #2 | American Flag (Stars and Stripes) Shorts

This week's BBH post goes hand in hand with yesterday's post. With the 4th of July quickly approaching(it's next week on Wednesday!), I decided the blog should have some festive posts. The item for this week has been really popular lately. Not only shorts with stripes and stars, but shirts, pants, leggings, shoes, jewelry, and many other items. However, shorts are what most people seem to be going for. So, lets start guessing on which is the steal and which is way too overpriced! 

Like always, present the order(from least to most expensive) that you think they should be in by leaving a comment (example: 1,2,3,4).

So start guessing and see you next week! 
Hope you're all enjoying this! 
Please don't try to google and cheat, as it ruins the fun of this. Thank you! :) 

The answer to last week's BBH of Nude Rhinestone Flats is: 
4 3 1 2

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