Belle's Bargain Hunt | Nude Rhinestone Flats | New Series

This post is to introduce a new series to my blog, called "Belle's Bargain Hunt". Unlike my other series, this one is interactive. The idea of this is that there are so many look alike products out there and the economy is tough. We want to save money but it's hard to when there are so many nice things we want. I, for one, don't mind buying cheaper items that look like brand name ones. I love getting a deal on shoes, shirts, jewelry, and clothes! So what better way than to share my love for this then starting this fun series.

How it will work:

  • There will be a weekly post of one item that is popular at the moment.
  • Multiple copies from different brands that are very similar will be presented mixed and not ordered in any specific way
  • Present the order(from least to most expensive) that you think they should be in by leaving a comment (example: 1,2,3,4)
  • The following week a new item will appear and the answer to the previous week's item will be presented
  • Prices will be presented too, to show which one is the true bargain! :)

This week's item are nude flats with rhinestones!

So start guessing and see you next week! 

Please don't try to google and cheat, as it ruins the fun of this. Thank you! :) 

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