Paying With Platinum by Spoiled

Yep, that color is as beautiful as it looks! I tried really hard to capture how different it looks in certain lights. I happened to pick it up while scanning the Spoiled nail polishes section at CVS. They are very cheap and are usually $1.99 or less. Although it isn't a summer color, which was what I was looking for, I picked it up because it caught may attention. My thoughts on this color is that it is way to sheer. I can't even tell you how many coats I put of this because it just didn't show up. That explains why my nails have dents on the color (it might have been fixed with a top coat, but I was too lazy to put one on). Other than that I think this is a great purchase. You're getting what you pay for, and I don't mind having to put so many coats because I find myself staring at my nails all day since I put it on! :)

What do you think of this color? 
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