Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow in Nude Review

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Claim: Get the Nude Look for ANY Eye Color! Naked and neutral, yet "never boring" shades create modern Nude Eyes. Wet & Dry application for two finishes: wet for dramatic, intense color with ultra long-lasting wear. Transforms shadow into a liner. Dry for a softer result.

Price: $10.95 

  • Colors are great when wet and are pigmented
  • Nice dupe for the Naked Palette
  • Great price for a the shades you're getting
  • Compact packaging is great to travel with
  • Lasts a long time
  • Doesn't crease (when wet AND using a primer)
  • Without wetting colors, colors don't show as much
  • Really small amounts of colors; hard to get some at times
Overall Opinion: Although is a great product I think it's downside is that the colors look better when wet. The swatches up there were done after wetting because if not they barely show up and you have to get a lot of product. I don't mind wetting them because I've had a lot of shadows form Physicians Formula, and that's what they are known for. I think all the colors are amazing. I'm a neutrals girl and this is a great addition to my collection. There are dark shades and lighter shades and you can make any look you want. Also, the fact that you can wear them wet makes the darker shades a good substitution for eyeliner.

Do I recommend? Yes! I think this is great for the price and you get beautiful colors. Even if they aren't as pigmented, they work as they say they will in their claim.
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