Belle's Bargain Hunt #3 | Women Fedora Hats With Black Band

This item is one that has been trending in the Summer specifically, for the past few years. I'm posting it this week because I know some people don't really like to follow trends and haven't picked these cuties up. But if you wanted to, here are some options. I have to say I don't own one myself. I fell in love with one last year but couldn't get myself to pay the price that it had. So not only is this post helping you guys, it's helping me too because I'm going to run out and get myself one! :)

Like always, present the order(from least to most expensive) that you think they should be in by leaving a comment (example: 1, 2, 3, 4).

So start guessing and see you next week!
Hope you're all enjoying this!

♥Please don't try to google and cheat, as it ruins the fun of this. Thank you! :)

The answer to last week's BBH of American Flag (Stars and Stripes) Shorts is: 
2 4 3 1

If you're interested in studded flag shorts here are some other links :)
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