Creative Days

self portrait for my makeup challenge last summer

It has been a life journey to find new ways to be creative. I have always been more artsy than anything else. When I was little I use to paint and draw so much. It was entertaining to mix colors and designs. Now, at 20 years I'm slowly rediscovering the passion I had for it. Owning a DSLR camera was the first step I think I subconsciously took to get my creative juices flowing again. When I bought my camera I had big plans for us together. It would be the outlet I needed to show what I saw in the world, but at the same time edit it in the way that I wish it looked like. Which led me to Photoshop and other programs that allowed me to do this. Life also led me in the direction of painting again and it was great. I took a class last semester of painting and that made me want to work on that once more.

A few years ago, I started this blog to write about my life and have fun doing it. However, it has slowly turned into writing about makeup and I don't mind that all because in turn my worlds collide (in a good way). The photo above is a perfect example of what my journey has created. Last summer I decided to do a 7 day makeup photo challenge, which I didn't finish for one reason or another. It was so much fun to come up with these looks, or recreate an original one and make it my own. Now, I think I lost that motivation again because I have started to take an interest in other things. Although I'm not ready to share what that is just yet, I have to say I'm a little frustrated these days. I want to be creative yet the ideas don't flow to me as easily as they used to.

Today I made it a goal to focus on myself, and I somewhat did, yet I slowly went back to how I felt yesterday which was stressed out and uninspired. I think the main reason for this is because I have so many ideas and they don't translate to what I'm doing. Everything just ends up messy and I won't put something out there if I know it's not perfect or close to what I would like it to look like.

I think my main problem right now is that I don't feel motivated by my surroundings. As much as I love being back home in Miami, I feel more relaxed and myself back in school. Miami is way too LOUD for me sometimes and I want to be locked away from everything. I'm not sure if this is my problem right now but I hope I feel better about creating things soon.

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