Fourth of July 2012 | A Day At The Beach

As you might have seen on my Twitter and Instagram, I spent the 4th of July at the beach. My friend Lari (from the Katy Perry movie post) invited me to go to the beach with her family. Eventually I made plans to take my family and hers. For those of you that don't know me personally, Lari and I have been friends since I was about 8 years old. She used to live with me for a while, so we're like sisters. So the fact that our families spent the day at the beach is nothing strange. As you can see above we ended up going to Virginia Beach in Key Biscayne. 
Here is a map of where it is:
source: Google Maps
I had never been to this beach in Key Biscayne. If I go to KB, I go to Crandon Park which is probably one of my favorite beaches in Miami. So I didn't know what to expect. Walking in I didn't really see what normal beaches I have been to have. It had a lot of swampy-looking areas, and the strangest part of all, the "beware of crocodiles" signs. Eek!
But the beach turned out to look pretty normal once you passed the weird smelly part.
The water wasn't the best, so I didn't spent much time in it. The tide was really low and there was so much seaweed in the entrance. Ew. Also, the water smelled and felt really dirty so it wasn't the best place to have fun in.

However, things got interesting with my family went swimming and found some cool stuff in that mess of a water. The most interesting was this gorgeous starfish! :)
I had never seen one in person so it was a really fun experience. I touched its exterior and it felt really rough, just like it looks.
In this photo above, it was slowly moving which I thought it was so cool!
Then we decided to built  a sand castle, and we got really creative with this.
I decided it would be pretty cool to decorate it with shells, so me, my cousin and Lari went searching for shells.
This is the finished castle, with little turtles and fishes ;) Isn't it cute?
As the day got darker, but with good sunset lighting, me and Lari decided to take some pics of her. There were some rocks that made for great shots. However, this is the only decent shot we got since she deleted ALL the other ones I took of her from my camera. LOL I was going to kill her!

Then I saw my uncles in the swampy looking area again. So being the curious person I am, I took my camera and went to check it out to see if I could find a crocodile! No luck for me though, which I think is a good thing. But we did see a raccoon! But it was hiding pretty far from me behind these trees so I couldn't get a good shot of it.
Our afternoon had to end when these lovely dark clouds showed up. In a matter of seconds, it went from sunny to really windy and dark. 
My fourth of July ended with some nice fireworks at a local park. Of course I have pics of them but I will make a whole blog post with those photos! :)

Hope everyone had fun celebrations!

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