Instagram Diary | #2

Photos taken by me - @isadayana on Instagram.

It has been a pretty exciting time since my last Instagram Diary. I have since participated on a photo challenge for the month of July. Although I'm a little behind (about 3 days behind, yikes) I have enjoyed taking photos for each day. Once the challenge is done I will post those in one post. In the meantime here are the photos that I take when I'm not doing the challenge.

1. Me with my favorite Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain
2. Fireworks on the 4th of July
3. A really pretty pink nail color
4. A Delicious little ice cream
5. Oatmeal and cottage cheese
6. Piggies I found at a Hallmark store
7. Shoes I fell in love with
8. Bacon Sundae from BK
9. Working on some blog posts

In the past week or so I have gone back to posting photos of food like I used to. I have been eating really yummy foods and I had to share them. So expect to see more photos of food here and there. Sharing these photos is so much fun for me. If anyone is wondering the filter I'm loving right now is "1977". It makes the photos a nice shade of pink and I love the border it comes with.

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