Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D Early Fan Sneaks Showing + Review

Hi everyone, as you can you tell from the title, or if you follow me on Twitter, yesterday I went to a very special little event! :) All of you by now know that I'm obsessed with anything Katy Perry, and you all know her movie Katy Perry: Part of Me comes out Thursday, July 5th. However, what you don't know(unless you follow Katy on social media sites) is that there was an earlier showing just for fans yesterday, Monday July 2nd! I happened to see this on Sunday morning and called my friends to see who wanted to go. Lucky of me one of them said yes and that happens to be my friend, Lari. We were going to go see when it came out after the 5th, but this offer appealed to her a lot more.  

I was so excited to get to the theater. I imagined a bunch of girls just as crazy for Katy as me to be there, and that's definitely what I saw. Although it wasn't as crowded as I thought(which is a good thing, because we got good enough seats) the energy was there. From colorful wigs to cat ears, there were definitely "KatyCats" there.

As we entered the room we were handed some goodies that I was happy to grab! These goodies included: special Part of Me 3D cotton candy color glasses, glow in the dark sticks (the kind you can snap together to make a circle) in cotton candy colors again, and finally cutest posters! 
(pics above)

So about the movie..
I have to say it was more than I expected when you add everything up. The movie started out with a very popular Grease song; I'm not sure if this is going to be in the regular movie showings or if it was more of a way to get us pumped seeing as we didn't have previews of other movies before the actual movie.

The movie to a big fan of Katy's like myself, didn't tell me much about her life that I didn't know. The E! True Hollywood episode they have of her is what the movie consists of. In fact, I have seen that episode so many times that I know exactly what they said and in the movie lines were reshot for the film. However, this isn't a big deal, just something I happen to know. No one else would even know realize if they weren't as crazy as me. 

It wasn't boring even if I knew the story because they added a lot of extra footage that I either have seen only parts of or not at all. Her life story was told from all perspectives of her friends and family(and Katy's too, of course). Her songs were well incorporated into each period of her life just like I imagined it. 

If you didn't have the opportunity to go to one of her concerts from the California Dreams tour then you're in luck because they show a good amount of it. It was good for me to see the concert again because I have great memories of it!

As for the love story between Katy and Russell Brand, the movie shows bits of how the couple(or just  Katy) dealt with the long distance relationship so early in their marriage. We see a very vulnerable side of Katy at one point which made me cry, because I have grown to care for her as a person too over the years, so her pain is my pain. 

Anything funny? Well, everything was quite funny, but I completely fell in love with her grandma. She is so adorable and appears a few times thoughout the movie!

Oh, and the 3D?
Yeah, pretty amazing. This absolutely changed the movie from just any normal documentary/concert experience you could see on tv. Everything from the concerts was beautifully brought to life in 3D. My favorite were the bubbles that were flying around on her stage and when popped every little detail could be seen. It was amazing!

My Overall Opinion:
Well, I would never say this movie was bad even if it was because I'm completely biased. However, I think anyone that sees it would never disagree with how much I love it. Katy has always been an open book and this exposed her even more and it was done in a great way. I definitely wish 3D tickets weren't so expensive because I really want to go watch it again! As soon as this comes out in DVD I'm going to buy it! :D Especially to relive my concert experience.

I will admit I totally sang along to all the songs. I even stayed after the movie to hear "Wide Awake" in the credits. I was singing that one so loud in there. Good thing everyone was mostly out. Haha. ;) That should explain how happy that movie made me.

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