My Candle Collection

If there is something I love it is candles. I have been collecting these for a while and it wasn't until this summer that I realized I had a mini collection going on. Although a lot of these are almost done, I have bought some replacements. Candles are such a great way to change the mood of a room and to have some relaxing time by smelling some nice blends of scents. 

Glade 2in1 Baked Pear &Cinnamon Treat - Glade 2in1 Creamy Custard & Apple Cinnamon - Glade Apple Cinnamon - Glade Apple Cinnamon (new container)

This group of candles is probably my favorite scents of all. I love the smell of cinnamon and apples mixed together and I do this quite a lot. I usually light three of these together at the same time. The first one is a holiday edition one of the 2 in 1 candles, and it is of apples cinnamon. It is probably a few years old in my opinion. The next one is one that I've had for a while and I finished it, so I bought a new one of that one and of the next one. That apple cinnamon smell is just delicious. This combo is also good for Winter time. A lot of grocery stores and local pharmacies have these Glade candles on sale all the time, so it's not hard to replace them.
Glade 2in1 Moonlit Walk & Wandering Stream - Glade Budding Blossoms - Glade Angel Whispers - Glade Hawaiian Breeze

This group here is the fruity/floral ones that I own from Glade. I love that Hawaiian Breeze specially for the Summer. The flowers ones I like for the spring, or when I want my room to smell nicer and fresh. I love that blue one. Night scents are ones that I am attracted too more than anything, especially for perfumes. I like strong smelling ones with a musky feel to them at times.
Slatkin & Co Gingerbread - Slatkin & Co Twisted Gingerbread - Slatkin & Co Orchard Petal - Slatkin & Co Eucalyptus Mint

My favorite candles are definitely in this group. If you don't know about Slatkin & Co candles then you're missing out. They are sold at Bath & Body Works and although the bigger 3 wick candles are a bit expensive on their own, they always have sales to get it at half of their price. The two on the left are my Winter candles. The gingerbread one is so nice around Christmas along with one of my cinnamon ones from my first group.  The Twisted Peppermint is probably my favorite candle of all the ones I own. I've had it for two years and it just recently started to run out because I only light it in the Winter. When I think of Winter time this is something that comes up in my mind. I'm going to stock up when I return in December on these candles. The next two are new purchases from their Semi Annual Sale from a few weeks ago. Orchard Petal is a good candle for me to mix with Hawaiian Breeze. I find they have very similar scents. Finally, Eucalyptus Mint is a scent I know very well. I bought this candle because it reminded me of my dorm back in school. When I first moved in with my 2nd roommate this past year, she had put a wallflower with this scent. If anyone knows me I love anything mint so I never minded this scent. When I saw the candle and gave a quick sniff I realized I had to have it. The smell was just too familiar!
Cobblestone Candle Orange Ginger Fizz - Yankee Candle Home Again

These two candles are the odd ones out. I recently got the one on the left. It was a present that my mom had received and she gave it to me. I can say this candle smells like an orange soda. The smell is very strong! I forgot to put the candle in the main photo of my collection because I found it after I took that photo because I realized I don't store this one with my other candles because it is a bit taller than the rest. The last candle "Home Again" is one that I bought because I wanted a candle that reminded me of my boyfriend of the time. We had a candle that had a very strong pumpkin smell and I loved it. Since I'm very strong with my smells, and like to associate smells with people and places, I had to find one that was similar. Although I never did, I found this one that I thought was similar. He told me that it didn't smell like it but I still love this candle. Although I bought with it another purpose, this candle actually reminds me of Fall and Thanksgiving time. It is a very strong candle that has lasted me a long time because a little time burning goes a long way.

So that's it. I think those are all the candles I currently own. I definitely want to pick up more Slatkin & Co ones but for now, I think it's a good idea if I wait until a December sale. Since I live in a dorm for most of the year (and candles are not allowed) there is no point and gathering more candles since I wont be able to use them for a while.

I hope some of you found this interesting, and have a Happy Friday the 13th and weekend!

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