My Cute Little Watch From Target

Over a month ago I saw that Target had finally added some new watches. I have heard that they make some really nice looking ones, and for a very small price. A few weeks ago I went searching for them and the watches area at my store was completely wiped out. I didn't give up because I went back about a week after, and lucky for me I found the exact watch I was looking for, and there was only one left!

I knew the price was great (only $14.99), and although I'm currently trying to save money( because in a little over a month I go back to college) I knew if I left that watch there, I would regret it.   

Merona Gold Tone Small Boyfriend Watch

It's not the best quality of watches, compared to my Michael Kors watch. However, I think it's a great alternative because the real MK watch I want costs about 16 times this one's price. Ridiculous!

The watch itself is gold-like in color and has three little decorative circles that are suppose to be the chronographs. I didn't realize they were decorations until later on, but I'm not disappointed because I barely use the ones on my MK watch anyways. 

The band is the type that I like, and it closes to together by putting a little clasp under another. It brings an extra closing link that you can un-snap to make the watch smaller. Aside from that my uncle helped me take one of the links off because it was still too big on me. One of the main reasons I bought this watch is because it doesn't have a logo or brand name on it. 

I'm not a fan of buying expensive watches but after I bought my MK one I have wished to buy more. However, money doesn't grow on trees for me... or for anyone else for that matter. So for now, this little cute watch will do. After all, watches are mainly to tell time right? This one seems to that... so I'm content! :)

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