Over The Moon - Revlon Nail Art French Mix (Pink Color)

Yes, I'm a little crazy over these polishes! I still think it's so great to receive to great two polishes in one container! I wasn't going to pick up any more, but there were not many of these left at my CVS and I'm pretty sure I had a coupon for Revlon so I got this because it was one of the few left. That pink color is so beautiful! I have never owned a pink color like this. It is so girly and slightly sparkly. The only downside is that like most of the shimmery colors of these Nail Art colors, you have to apply a few coats to get a good color like in the photo. I don't really mind because it's not a color that gets goopy after a few layers and it is actually really nice to apply. It is so pretty for Summer and I don't see myself changing this color for a while. :)

Here are the other shades!

Also I just found out there is a new collection of these Revlon Nail Art here they are:
Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy 3D Cosmic Effects

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