Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick 06

ClaimAmazing alluring shades developed by Kate for RIMMEL. Exclusive signature pack, smooth on pure London class with the Iconic Lasting Finish Kate lipstick. A true chic treat. Unique, sexy and unconventional, just like Kate. Black Diamond brings incredible new levels of light reflective elements. Creating gorgeous, hypnotizing tones that make you look, then look again. Wow. Get ready to fall in love with your new signature colour that capture all the flair, edge and timelessness of Kate's unique look.

Price: $4-$5
  • very pigmented
  • smells great, like berries.
  • smooth

  • a little drying and settles into cracks

Overall Opinion: This lipstick is fantastic. Rimmel lipsticks are probably my favorite lipsticks and this one is no exception. The color I picked is a very interesting color. On the little sticker outside in the container, it looks like a darker red but on the lips it looks orange/neon pink/coral. It's a weird mix of colors and in different lights it can pass by many shades. However, it is so bright and I love that! I'm definitely a bright pink girl(and dark colors too!). It goes on so nice, but since it is so pigmented you really have to watch were you put it or else you will have to clean it up. I noticed after a while that it settled into the lines on my lips. That's probably the only thing I really didn't like about it.

Do I recommend?: Yep! It's a gorgeous and smooth lipstick. I definitely want to go back and buy more shades if I can find the ones I want.

source : google

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