August Birchbox 2012

This month's Box was a box that I have heard a lot of negative reviews about. A lot of people were not happy with what they got. Honestly, I think Birchbox is definitely a hit or miss every month. Sometimes they send good stuff, and sometimes they don't. I personally always try to find a positive with each box. I'm paying for each box and if I want samples(which is why I signed up in the first place), I should be happy with what I get because I ultimately signed up to try new items. If I don't like a certain sample then I won't use it, simple as that. I think people are making too big of deal over what they get. All that aside, this month's theme is "Beauty School". I really like the booklet it came with. For a lot of people that are new makeup and beauty products it would be quite useful.

Read the cards below for the actual description (:
(click them to make bigger!) 

Beauty Fixation | Makeup Remover: The Q-Tips-looking things are actually a pretty cool item to have. I haven't tried these yet but according to the description they contain makeup remover. If you snap the middle of it, it will release the makeup remover to one of the cottons. With this you will have a side wet with makeup remover and the other dry to clean up the mess after you have cleaned your mistake. I have been meaning to try this for a while and I completely forgot to buy them. I'm a big fan of using cotton swabs to clean up my makeup or my mistakes, so this should be fun to try it. Who knows, I might actually buy it once I try them. It would save me a lot of problems with makeup remover since I always manage to spill it everywhere. Haha.
Full size: $5 (24 applicators)

Juicy Couture | Viva la Juicy La Fleur: Apparently this is a new scent from Juicy Couture. I have only tried their perfumes thanks to the samples from Birchbox. I have liked most of them, and guess what? This is no exception. In fact this is probably my favorite from them. Why is this is so great? This perfume reminds me so much of a perfume that I'm currently saving to get. It smells just like the Radiance perfume by Britney Spears. As soon as I gave this sample a small spritz I knew they were the same. I opened this box with my friend so as soon as I freaked out about the similarity I brought over my little bottle of the Britney one so she could tell me if I was the only one that smelled it. She definitely agreed with me. This similarity makes this perfume amazing to me! I'm obviously getting the Britney one though (it's cheaper).
Full size: $70

Miss Jessie's Original | Quick Curls: This product is one that I have wanted to try as well. Not this brand exactly, but one similar to this. I have curly hair so it has always been recommended to try a curl cream. Lately I haven't really been ironing my hair(which is what I usually do to my hair) because I have been loving going to the pool, so my curls have been able to be their wild self. However, it gets quite frizzy and they don't always stay the shape they are suppose to. Hopefully this will help give some definition to them. I will give it a try, but it has to work really well for me to actually purchase it for its price.
Full size: $32

Shadow pen applied to my arm (left)
Blended thick and lightly (right)
Pixi Beauty | Lid Last Shadow Pen: This was a product I was really excited to find in my box. The last couple of times I have gone to Target I have been eyeing the Pixi products because it has taken me to long to realize how great some of their products are. However, I can never decide what I want, so the fact that Birchbox has given me the little push I need, is great. As for the product itself, I had a weird experience swatching it. The amount you see in the left photo is almost all of the point that it had. I'm not sure if it was the horrendous heat that was going on, or if they are just so creamy(it basically melted on my skin). However, once on my skin it blended out really well and dried nicely too. So for now I will blame the softness on the heat. The color I received was a beautiful grey shimmery shade, in Graphite Glint. Also, upon close examining I realized this pencil doesn't roll up like other products. You have to actually sharpen it, so that might a weird thing I might have to do to get more product especially since most of it was gone during swatching.
Full size:  $18

Lifestyle Extra
Schick Hydro Silk Razor | Razor: What is wrong with getting a razor?!! Apparently a lot is wrong with that since no one appreciates this. Hahah. I appreciate it this, and so does my mom. I showed it to her and I doubt I will be able to keep it. Parents are so funny. Anyways, it looks like a nice razor to try. I usually like the Venus ones with the thick gel strips, but I might start buying the Schick Hydro razor but for men,  that I tried months ago and I loved it. I think this is a nice extra for this month. I really like these items because they don't last you two uses. They are items you can use for a long time. They also brought some coupons for a shave gel, and refills for the razor. They can be used in the US and Canada.
Full size:$9.99

Overall Opinion: I really liked this box. I don't think I have complains about it. With Birchbox you shouldn't really criticize the products. It's a subscription service of samples. They are samples not full size products. Sure they don't send the best samples at time, but they can't do that every time. Personally, I'm very happy with this box because each of the items I receive I will be using. The Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur perfume was definitely my favorite item because it smells sooo good! The Pixi shadow pen was what I needed to go to Target and start using the Pixi products. I'm also very excited try the Miss Jessie Curl cream on my wild hair. The little Beauty Fixation makeup remover are also another thing I wanted to try. Somehow Birchbox got everything perfect this time. It even got the  Schick Hydro razor right, because my mom needed a new one. Haha.

** Birchbox is a $10 a month subscription service. I pay for it monthly.

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