Mer-maid For Each Other - Nicole by OPI (Target Exclusive)

Mer-maid for Each Other on my hand inside the pool, because I really enjoyed looking at them when I was there
swimming. Thought you guys would enjoy to have a look at them too. :)
Brand: Nicole by OPI
Name: Mer-maid for Each Other - NI 401
Price: $7.04 online (they are only being sold at Target)

So if anyone knows about the Chanel Peridot fascination going on than you would know why I got this. Although this is not the same shade of that color, when I first saw it in Target I thought it was a nice substitute until I get myself the Just Spotted The Lizard from OPI (dupe for Peridot). This color is definitely more green than goldish, compared to the other colors. However, I really don't mind. When I have it on my nails I can't stop staring at it, because it's one of the most gorgeous colors I have ever owned. Colors that change in different lights are definitely my favorite, so this one is at the top of my list. I really recommend trying this shade, because it's a very fun color to add to anyone's collection!

Mer-Maid For Each Other - For Gold Times Sake - Iris My Case - Just Busta Mauve - If The Blue Fits

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