My Favorite Shows of the Summer

The Summer is almost over for me, and before it is, I wanted to share some television shows I've been loving to watch during my vacation. Although some aren't running during the Summer, I have been watching episodes from previous seasons non-stop. So, here they are (in more or less the order that I have been loving them).

warning: small spoilers here and there.

Game of Thrones: I found out about this show through videos on YouTube, specifically through MissGlamorazzi, almost half a year ago. I didn't care care to watch it back then because I had another tv obsession going on at the time. However, in the past month or so I told myself to look it up online and find the first episode. I gave it a shot without reading anything about it, and it turned out that I absolutely loved it! The show is based on books from the "Song of Ice and Fire" series. I still haven't read this series, but if the books are anything like the show then I will soon give those a shot too. I don't really want to give a brief description because I feel like it will ruin the story. It is basically though, a story fully of fantasy based a medieval world. Those two combined make the storyline so incredible. There are currently two seasons and the third season will premiere March 2013. You can watch the episodes on HBO or find them online.

True Blood: This one is no surprise, since I have been a fan of this show for years. It usually returns in the Summer anyways, and it is also on HBO like the previous show. If anyone like vampires (not Twilight-esque stuff though) being being vicious human-eating monsters, then this for you. There have been a number of new types of mythical characters than have been introduced through the seasons, from werewolves to witches, so there is something for everyone. I love this show because of complicated it keeps getting and how new characters you never expected to have anything to do with the show end up fitting it quite nicely. This is also based on a book series formerly called The Southern Vampire Mysteries, however because of the show most of the republished books have been called the same as the tv series. The fifth season is still going on in HBO on Sundays, so if you want to check it out there is still time.

Pretty little Liars: This one is another show that has been a favorite for years, and is currently going on in ABC Family on Mondays. It is one of the most popular shows for the general audience that I tend to fall under. However, because of the storyline it is quite popular with anyone that watches it. It is a mystery show, that is also based on a book series called by the same name. Although the books are pretty different(so I've heard), the show still revolves around the same thing, finding who "A" is. From the first episode you find out the one of the girls' close friend is found dead, and soon after they start receiving text messages from a person signing them as "A". This person basically blackmails them through the seasons. Of course the girls keep doing this because they ultimately want to find out who this person is because they think that is the person who killed their friend. I think this is such a great show, however if you are the person who likes to find out answers right away, this is not for you. A lot secrets have been kept throughout the seasons and have yet to be revealed. Season three is currently going on and is almost over if you care to watch it.

Bunheads: This show is very new, but has become one of my favorites to look forward to every week. Although it is still in its first season I have come to love the plot. It is from the producers of Gilmore Girls(a longtime favorite although it finished years ago), which is probably one of the reasons I love it. A lot of similar things from music, actors, and overall good-feel about it can be compared to GG. The plot if basically that Michelle(main character) ends up in a small town after living a life as a dancer. She must learn to deal with the little problems that come with living a small town and as well as her mother-in-law. The biggest news comes in the first episode, but I won't ruin that. I really hope it gets picked up for another season because I would really miss Michelle's sense of humor!

Smash: This one is probably the most recent show that I have been liking. All Summer, a lot of my friends have been mentioning this show. It starts whenever I mention the words Marilyn Monroe, because the show surrounds itself with the idea of creating a musical about the icon. This show definitely has some drama and with that comes a lot of secrets. I can't really describe a lot since I've seen a few episodes, but so far I know that two girls are being cast as the star of the musical. The sweet, Katherine McPhee is one of those girls so if you like her, why not take a quick break and catch up on this show? All the episodes of the season are currently in NBC's website!

The Secret Life of The American Teenager: The reason this show is here is because I have been a viewer of this show for years, and because it is on right now. To call this show a "favorite" is a loose term because I'm not as excited to watch a new episode each Monday on ABC Family as I am with the others above. However, I have been following the season here and there, and it somewhat entertaining. The show has a lot of stories around it, but probably the main story is of Amy Juergens, that was a typical freshman girl when the show started, and got pregant before even entering her first year of highschool. It explains how she deals with being a teenage mother and how she balances her love life, family, and friends. At the same time you see how all those other factors affect the rest of the show. I still watch it because I like the current life she has, and I'm very happy for her because she is finally getting a nice life with the person she really loves.

So that's pretty much all of my favorites. I have to say the most important shows to me right now are definitely the first two though. Game of Thrones looks like it's going to be a favorite for  a long time (or for as long as HBO has it), same thing for True Blood. :)

Do we have similar favorite shows? I would love to hear any show recommendations because I'm very open to to find new favorites.
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