Song Series: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

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Hi, everyone! I haven't done a music post in a while. Since today is Thursday(when the song series usually goes up) and I found a catchy song I liked recently, I thought I would share it. This week Taylor Swift released the lyric video for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". I usually stay away from these types of songs (I think they are so cheesy). However, a lot of my friends were mentioning that they were really liking it, so I went to listen to it and realized it is very catchy and fun to sing along. I have to say the music itself bothers me since there are a lot of badly recorded parts, in my opinion. The lyric video is so cute. I love stop motion videos like these, and I appreciate them for what they are because I know they take a long time to do.

screenshot from video

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